Account Core: Configuration and Validation

Account Core plays a small but important role in the Orb DLT platform. The upcoming sections will guide you through the process of configuring Account Core using the Coin Core configuration tool, accessing and making API calls, and validating your use cases.


Prior to configuring and using Account Core in your coin economy, please refer to the prerequisites listed in the Coin Core User Guide.

Configuring Account Core

Account Core is configured using a JSON file:

  • target.json: Contains a list of valid targets.

Since manually writing JSON files can be tedious and error-prone, Coin Core comes with a web-based tool that can be used to generate the necessary configuration files. The same tool can be used to generate the configuration for Account Core. For the purposes of this guide, we will use the configuration tool, but the relevant JSON configuration is generated at each step.

Configure Targets

Follow the steps below to configure targets.

Step 1: Access the configuration tool in a web browser.
Step 2: Click on the “Target” menu item on the left-hand side tools menu.
Step 3: In the text field labeled “TargetID”, enter the desired name for the target.


Repeat the process to create all desired targets.

The final configuration will be displayed in the output pane on the right-hand side of the screen. Copy the configuration text or click “Save” to save the configuration for use by Coin Core.



If you click “Save”, a zip folder containing all the four .json files (coin, target, event and vendor) will be downloaded.

Account Core API

The Account Core API is provided as a RESTful interface for creating accounts. Accessing the API can be accomplished using any HTTP client provided by your preferred programming language. Alternatively, you may choose to use a client provided by Orb. Currently, clients are available in Go and Java. Please visit our API Reference to learn more.

To learn more about the API interface, visit the API reference guide to understand the inputs and outputs of each endpoint.

Validating your use cases

After you have completed the process of creating a set of configuration files, they should be delivered to your system administrator and installed correctly to prepare for running the Account Core server application. Your system administrator should refer to the Orb DLT Operations Guide to gain a full understanding of setup and configuration for the runtime environment.

Now that your configuration files are installed and in use by the Account Core server, you can validate the configuration by performing a few simple API calls to the “create account” endpoint:

  • Create a standalone account.
  • Create child accounts.
  • Create a new account with one or more assigned targets.
  • Try using an account in a Coin Core transaction (see the Coin Core User Guide).

What’s Next