Operations are types that change or produce states within a coin economy. Currently, there is only one operation type: the “action” operation.


Actions are operations that modify the number of coins in a balance. Actions produce a set of ledger entries that represent the transaction in the transaction ledger.

Increase and Decrease are the two fundamental actions that can be performed on a balance. Increase is used to add coins to a balance. Decrease selects the appropriate coins to remove from a balance using coins type, validity, and order of issuance. By convention decrease actions always take place before increase actions.

In practice, all actions are either an increase or a decrease. However, several special actions exist in order to more easily differentiate between the ledger entries produced by the application of actions to a balance. These are fee, expire, and diminish, and they refer to the levying of a transaction fee (see Basic w/fee), the coin expiration behavior, and the coin diminishment behavior, respectively.

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