Errors and HTTP Status Codes

The HTTP Status Codes used by the RESTful Orb DLT's Integration Layer API:

  • 200: is returned in most cases of success
  • 400: indicates application errors
  • 500: is returned when servers are not working as expected. If this occurs more than once, please contact the Orb support staff.

To better understand the reason for error, the response body can be examined.

In cases where the API has detected multiple errors, each error will be described in the response body. Each error entry will contain:

  • category: severity of the error
  • code: a unique identifier that can be used to programmatically handle the error
  • detail: a human-readable message
       "errors": [
                     "category": "INVALID_REQUEST_ERROR",
                     "code": "20B0207",
                     "detail": "指定された金額は上限を超えています。"
                     "category": "INVALID_REQUEST_ERROR",
                     "code": "20B0208",
                     "detail": "残高の上限を超えています。"

HTTP response error categories returned by the Orb DLT API