Account Core Overview

What is Account Core?

Account Core is a configurable middleware application for creating and managing accounts for use with other applications in the Orb DLT product family. It can be used to:

  • Create new accounts;
  • Restrict the ways in which accounts may be used by assigning targets to individual accounts;
  • Build logical account hierarchies that can be used to model your business needs.

Account Core is a part of the Core series of applications in the Orb DLT product family. Other Core series applications provide functionality for use by Coin Core or provide insight into activities within a coin economy.

  • Coin Core enables the creation of and management of coin economies.
  • Audit Core is a standalone audit service that can be used to generate tamper evidence for virtually any kind of data. It can be run by the coin issuer or, more ideally, by third parties.

The rest of this guide provides a detailed introduction to the concepts and capabilities of the Coin Core component of Orb DLT. After reading the guide, you will:

  • Know how Account Core relates to the other components of Orb DLT;
  • Have a firm grasp of the functionality offered by Account Core;
  • Know the steps required to configure Account Core; and
  • Be ready to start creating accounts for use with the Orb DLT platform.